Amazing! But... (Feedback)

I think that LibreOffice is amazing! It is free, easy to use and in my opinion better than Google docs, slides, sheets and Microsoft 365. It does have a rather old look but, think this: people do not care about what you make something with, they care about what it looks like and what it is.

Below I have some small feedback:

Some buttons on the top, I have to hover over to know what they are. Maybe better icons and different places for certain buttons.

Also, I think that the find and replace function should not be always showing. Make a keyboard shortcut or another button on the top.

Congrats on being my second place winner (Because Canva is just really good.) Maybe actually take some ideas off Canva it would look really good (Just do not get copy write).

That is all I have, you guys can also reply with more feedback if you choose.

What do you think?

Thank you! The feedback is important! But… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The problem is: this is the user-to-user “ask a how-do-I-do-this question” site. So - your feedback would serve its goal better, if you file it as separate enhancements requests, where they will have a chance to be noticed by developers / designers. Note that these must be one-request-per-one-item. Note also, that the proposals should be concrete: e.g., the “for certain buttons” didn’t give me a clue which buttons (of which icon theme) were not good.

The “find” if called by Ctrl+F; “replace” - using Ctrl+H. It seems to already have its hotkeys…

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