Any fix for bad font rendering in LibreOffice (Writer)?

Followup to this issue:

Although my font problems aren’t nearly this drastic, I am having the same kind of problem on Writer x64. The UI fonts are blocky and ugly, and the word processing fonts (specifically Times New Roman, which is my standard font) are just as bad. Starting in Safe Mode didn’t help, and no amount of fiddling with openGL makes any difference.

[apparently I don’t have enough points to upload screenshots]

Strangely, it was looking fine on Windows 7, and these problems appeared only when I upgraded to Win10 Home. Same graphics card and the same version driver as I had in Win7. Stranger still, I have EXACTLY the same build of LO on two other laptops (one Win8.1, the other also Windows 10 Home), and both of those Writer installs display just fine.

Any way to address this further?

Hello @liquidfractal,
i upvoted your post so you can upload a screenshot now.