libreoffice bad font rendering in ui and text

i have libreoffice version 4.3.3 and the font rendering is awful i have tried on different system with radeon vga and intel vga on linux OS and same result:

i have this problem in both text and ui but when i rendering have problem in text with zoom in or zoom out fixed but in ui i have to close libreoffice and reopen again. it’s in text:

when i zoom it changes:

when i zoom it fix and when i come back it’s ugly:

it’s my version:

also i have tried various of all of these options here but same result:

it’s not os problem because i have this problem in this version of libreoffce (Not 3.6) and only in libreoffice also i have tested on two version of Linux and my linux os is:

i have also tested on linux mint 17.1 and same result. i have also this problem in impress too
i tested 4.4.4 also and same problem

Problem still exists on libreoffice 5

Have you tried resetting the user profile?

YEs i did. doesn’t solved

Did you turn off ‘Use OpenGL for all rendering’ in > ‘LibreOffice’ > ‘View’?
Rendering and bringing to view / printout is a complicated process relying on OS resources, hardware, and drivers.

yes i tried many type of setting in OpenGL

Hey I have exactly the same bug, did you find a solution or a workaround?

I am using LibreOffice on Windows 7.
Disabling Use OpenGL for all rendering (on restart) in LibreOffice / View worked for me.