Any way to speed up database search?

I’m searching a small table (150 records of 10 fields) from a form using the “Record Search” dialog and the search seems really slow. My search terms could be in one of two fields, so I am having to use the the “all fields” option instead of “single field”. A query finds all records meeting the criteria in a heartbeat, but I have to first modify the query’s search criteria which is kind of cumbersome, and once in a while there’s something in the record I want to change, which you can’t do with query results.

Any tips or ideas?

Thank you!

P.S. I have a dual-boot set up with Ubuntu 11.10 and WinXP on an oldish IBM laptop. I have my database in a DropBox folder. I have Open Office installed on the WinXP partition and when I search the database from there, it’s pretty quick. Ubuntu 11.10 installs Libre Office as default, so I’m using that on the Ubuntu partition and that’s where I’m having the problem.

Remember each and every change to your file-system will trigger upload/downloading to/from your Dropbox account. Is Dropbox installed in all versions / environments you mentioned ?

I just upgraded to LibreOffice 3.5.0 and the search flies compared to 3.4.whatever! I thought Base was the redheaded step-child of LibreOffice, but they definitely are working on it.

I found instructions for upgrading (3 terminal commands) at

Had the same problem…

it is a bug with java engine, here its live Bug #724217 “Very slow openoffice base after update to java-6-su...” : Bugs : sun-java6 package : Ubuntu

for me worked following:

  1. removed sun-java6-bin package (it was buggy

  2. added repository “deb Lucid Main” (Lucid is for ubuntu 10.04)

  3. added package sun-java6-bin again (now it is version)

  4. in LO settings-java selected java engine

now it works fast, and i am happy:)

AnnB – I don’t have any solution for you but just wanted to add my experience about this same subject. I have a number of relatively simple databases - using all “normal” default stuff - i.e. nothing special.

Previously using ooO3.3 or LibreOffice 3.4.3 the “all fields” search of an approximately 300 record base file would go very quickly (I also have a fairly new speedy desktop system with Windows 7-64 bit). After some hassle installing the 3.5.0 package (had to cleanout the old 3.4.3 and also reinstall Java) a database record search is very much slower than 3.4.3.

Hope somebody has some ideas for us! Base does not seem to get the same “respect” or attention as the more popular components. :frowning: