Anyway to make embedded python complete?


I am using LibreOffice v7 on Windows 10, in playing python macro, I found the embedded python is in-complete, for example missing sqlite3 and tkinter.

I installed native python of same version as it in LibreOffice, tried to copy it over, but their folder structures are different, and am not sure if this is a possible way.

Is there any solution? Is it true that python in LibreOffice for ubuntu is full package?


As all Linux-distributions have python in the installation, maintainers configured the sytem to use the existing python. Therefore you have the full python available, but not everything may work from LibreOffice.

Especially TKInter: I don’t think you can use the canvas of LibreOffice, and if it is a good idea to open additional windows from python…

Windows don’t have python, so LibreOffice brings it own package, but obviously restricted.


Had the same wish and achieved a partial solution under win10 with

If pip works, you can install a lot afterwards (unfortunately not every package - for example virtualenv).

I haven’t tried whether sqlite3 or tk work yet. But with tkinter I would be skeptical.

Hope it helps.