Apply style does not apply style

For example my document has a block of text that contains a block of text from another document. I want now to assert my document’s text format onto the combined block.

I press F11 to raise the Styles dialog.

I select the block, click on Text Format, double click on Text Format. Press Return.

No effect.

Is this expected behavior? Have I missed a step?

What do you mean by “Text Format?” When F11 is pressed, the Styles dialog or sidebar displays categories such as “Paragraph Styles” and “Character Styles.” Double-click one of the styles, for example, “Heading 1.”

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If I understand Text format as being one of your personal paragraph styles and nothing happens when you try to style your block of text, then your block of text may perhaps be “polluted” by direct formatting, i.e. formatting applied outside styles (with menu or toolbar button).

With the block of text selected (preferentially the whole paragraph(s)), clear direct formatting with Format>Clear direct formatting or Ctrl+M

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Before applying your custom style…

Or afterwards. It does not matter much. Another option: past text as unformatted text using paste special (Shift+Ctrl+V).

@gabix: you’re right, answer updated

That’s the trick. Thanks.