Array Formula using MMULT gets a 502 error

I haven’t used array formulas with LO Calc until now. So i have been doing what I used to do with Excel, this may be the problem but on researching i can’t see the problem. I have an array of 1 by 8, Iam trying to apply this formula:

{ =MMULT(O5:V5, $C$35:$J$35)}

It reports Err:502. i have been unable to work out why. I am sure it is a simple problem staring me in the face. If anyone can help I’d be grateful. the formula is in o6 in this file:



may be you are looking for

{=MMULT(O5:V5, TRANSPOSE($C$35:$J$35)} --or–
{=MMULT(TRANSPOSE(O5:V5), $C$35:$J$35)}

See LibreOffice Help - Function MMULT which states:

Calculates the array product of two arrays. The number of columns for array 1 must match the number of rows for array 2. The square array has an equal number of rows and columns.

and your use of the function doesn’t match this condition.

I don’t understand what you want to calculate, but my gut tells me that MMULT() is not really what is required here. In that sense, this answer is more or less just to clarify why you get error 502.

Hope that helps.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. My sister was trying to be helpful. On returning to it I realised she has a typo and it should be $C$35:$J$42.

All mended now, thank you for trying to help her