AskLO: damaged karma graph

Starting from today 30th March 2017, it seems that events in the karma log are no longer sorted on date. This results in very strange looking karma graph where the karma score points are anchored in abnormal positions while the line joining the points follows the chronological ordering.

I’ve checked that other user karmas also exhibit the same erratic behaviour.

May be the site software was updated between 28-30th March and this introduced the bug. Please forward this to site administrators

Oh!!! AskLibO can damage one’s karma!!! We will suffer! :slight_smile:

But jokes aside - yes, today I see it, too.

This is SOP for those “fixing” problems on this site. The years on the chart were incorrect prior to today. This is now fixed but, as stated, the events are out-of-sequence. Went through almost 2 months of this kind of problem early this year with emails & notifications. Fix one thing, break another.

Image of bug: link text

Solved on 2017-07-06