What happens to karma chart?

What happens to karma chart of this site?

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Someone else also noticed this here

No response yet from site maintainers though :slight_smile:

Thaks for your answer.

Solved on 2017-07-06

These all should be closed as outdated. These questions bear no interest for future askers.

I din’t worry much about this, but just tested and found (for my case):
The log is rectified. The order is descending by date again as it should be.
The chart is not rectified. My “karma” is going up monotonic there to about 7600 and then drops monotonic (in one displayed step) to the current value of 7029. It sems the order is first by sign there.

The “karma” and the pretended “meritocracy” of the site may get deprecated. Implemented tools should work correctly, however.