Assign a macro to a cell click

Hi. I have been trying to get a macro to reset a table of input values all back to zeros. I have managed to record a macro which does what I want it to do, but how can I assign it to a cell click ? I would like it to run when a particular cell (entitled ‘reset’) is clicked-on. Reading through the help page, there does not seem to be an obvious way to do it… unless I’m missing something - which is quite possible !

You can link a “macro” to a text (or part of) in a cell. If the macro is saved to the Standard library of the document into a module Module1 under the name myMacro, the URI needs to look like
Having saved the macro to your local standard library in a Module myExtras the URI would read
You can use the same URI as the first parameter of a call to HYPERLINK(). In both cases the macro should accept a parameter which will get passed exactly that URI.
This mechanism also provides a way to control the working of the macro to more detail. See this attached example.

Whether you create the link with the respective tool or by HYPERLINK() it is assignet to a portin of text, not to the cell itself.