Attach the file " options of self-correction " to calc file?

In Calc there any way to include the database “AutoCorrect Options …” from the file, or creating a specific track to the file / spreadsheet.

Need of explanation: I’m working on a file for personnel management, in this file there are 11 worksheets for inclusion of data, which will be used to generate individual reports and charts for specific purposes.

I imagine the use as follows: for example on the creation of a new record, which would need to know the date of birth, I just would type, “queronascimento” self-correction and provide me the formula already pre assembled for example VLOOKUP (xxxxxx; PESSOALTAB; PESSOAL_NASC_DATA; 0) where I would hit only the reference cell in "xxxxxx".

However AutoCorrect is in the machine and not in the file …

Hi - What is saved with the spreadsheet can be macros and custom toolbar. The type of macros which I think requires no programming knowledge. The principle is to record entering a formula in a cell. You record as many macros that self-correction. Then you create a toolbar where you insert the launch of each of the macros.
To record macros You must have enabled Tools Options LibreOffice Advanced: Enable macro recording then

  • Select a cell where enter one of your formulas.
  • Tools Macros Record macro. A “Record macro” toolbar opens. Enter your formula in the cell then click Stop recording. Store the macro in the spreadsheet. Same for other formulas.

To create the toolbar: Tools Customize Toolbars tab, click New, give a name and for “Save in” select the spreadsheet. Then add the macros in your toolbar: click Add, Category: LibreOffice Macros (unfold to select your macros in the spreadsheet).

All this may sound complicated but I join an example FunctionsToolBar.ods with a toolbar that launches two simple macros. You’ll be able to study and complete.

To use it don’t type “replace code” as for self-correction, simply click on the button associated with the function.