Auto wrap used to double the cell height... now its horrible

In older versions, if I had text fields that were bigger than the cell they were entered, I could do a format cell, go to alignment and enable auto-wrap. While that’s still there, I do NOT like the way it does it.
In the old days, it increased the size of the cell, and wrapped the text in the same size.
NOW it reduces the size of the text. but I hate that. I’m an old man, and I can’t read small text!

anyway to stop that.

Even if I use optimal cell height, which is an extra step, it’s inconsistant. sometimes it works and sometimes not!

Which LO version are you using now?
Can you upload an ODF type sample file here?

Sorry, I assumed I’ve got fairly recent. Community:
Linux 5.15
UI Render default VCL Gtl3
Ubuntu vers 1:7.3.7-0ubuntu0.22.04.4

Could you upload an example file and indicate the cell whose formatting does not suit you?

transmission log.ods (24.3 KB)

however, honestly, I don’t think it takes my example… just open any calc. start typing text into any field, use normal text, so that there’s word gaps. Go to Format, alignment, enable auto wrap. it’ll shrink now, vice the old way of increasing the size of the cell

In your document, all cells in column E (except E5:E7) are formatted correctly (with word wrap). Cells E5:E7 have “internal” formatting in which the font size is 10.
How the values were entered into cells E5:E7?

Best I can remember, I just started typing those fields in… ALL of them.
Now I started that document in an older version of Calc, and testing with a brand new document, it works the way I like. but I have a lot of legacy documents that when I pull them forward, they do the same thing. When the auto-wrap didn’t work, I might have started playing with Optimize Height, which I don’t like, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

I use the auto-wrap a lot, and I don’t want to have to recreate all my documents.

worse, playing with that old document, if I select the whole column, and go to font, and try to adjust the size, it works on the ones already normal size (14 i think), ,but not the ones, it auto-shrunk
to fix them, I have to go to each individual cell, select the text, then I can force the font size i want
while that’s trival for this document, like I said, I have a lot of older documents that I do NOT want to have to click on every last stinkiin cell

Use the styles instead of the manual (direct) formatting method:

transmission log styles.ods (14.6 KB)

You an modify the background color and all of other properties in one place: in the Style: MyWrapped

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See how you can do this using your document as an example (without clicking on each cell).

  1. Correct the default style.
    Menu / Styles / Manage Styles. Right mouse button on the Default style, “edit style”. Set font size 14, OK.
  2. Correct the cell format.
    Select column E, CTRL+M (remove internal formatting). Ctrl+1 (Format Cell), set word wrap.