Automating insert a row in Calc (by python)

My chart ends reading data at row 20. Excellent help on the web (tq) gave a way to make Calc charts automatically increase their data range by doing “Insert rows below” when right clicking on row 20. How to automate this though? And in particular, when new data enters a particular ‘holding’ cell. It would be remarkable useful to many charters and extend the Calcs functionality in many ways.

InsertCalcRows_LO.odt (23.3 KB)
Open with macros enabled. It includes an installer macro in Basic.
Comes without user interface. I recomment shortcuts Ctrl+Insert and Ctrl+Delete.
Documented here: Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - [Calc, Python] Expand/shrink list ranges - (View topic)
This version for LibreOffice does not handle merged cells in any way because it interfered with LO’s handling in unwanted ways.