Avoiding updates for help in non-wanted languages

Hi and thanks everyone in LibreOffice crew.
I was wondering if it were possible to avoid somehow all sorts of updates related to help files in different languages, other than my default language - English.
I am experimenting a lot in VirtualBox and need fresh installations of various Linux distros. The initial update of LibreOffice takes literally hours and I noticed that most of this time is consumed due to LibreOffice updates for help in many languages I don’t need: Chinese, French, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese…
It would be really a great option to limit updates related to help just to the default language.
Best regards

Note that LibreOffice (pre-)installed on Linux distros is managed by those distros’ package maintainers; usually they make their own decisions what set of packages to pre-install, which translates to the following update footprint. Some may prefer to install full set of help packages; others may only install the ones corresponding to chosen UI language.

It would only make sense to ask respective maintainers about it (and anyway, asking for new options is off-topic here).

Thanks Mike for clearing this up.

Why don’t you get the packages from here: LO pre-releases - which also contain the releases. If you need it on different Linux systems you could download the packages for *.deb and *.rpm. And you will do this only one time, not for every distro again. You could choose the help packages you want - or no help package, because the default English help will also be directly available in www.