BASE: Adding charts in grouping

Hi, I’m trying to do a report grouping by ‘field1’
I’ve inserted a chart in the Group Header, and selected the query (the same one of the report) but I don’t know how filter in the chart the information of that group. Is this possible?

This is the real example.

I have the sales number of products for each day. I want to see, in the report a chart with the evolution os each product sales. So I’ve grouped my product.
In other words:
My fields are Product code, sales, date. I want to group by product and show a chart with sales of that product.



The good news is that the report with chart can be generated. The bad news is that after closing the report editing the chart is no longer printed. That means each time you wish to generate the report you need to edit it. Then delete the existing chart object & insert a new one. Then generate the report from there because once the edit is exited the chart is gone.

Some possible existing bugs related to this:

Bug 117162 - REPORTBUILDER - Chart isn’t shown in report

Bug 101016 - REPORT BUILDER: Charts aren’t shown when using grouped data from same datasource the report uses

The LO documentation ( found here ) Chapter 6 - Reports shows in theory how it is done.

For sake of completion attached are my test results:

Base File ---------- SalesReportWithChart.odb

Doc Produced ---- ProductSales.odt

PDF from Doc ---- ProductSales2.odt NOTE: After download rename to .pdf as this site doesn’t allow PDF attachments. This will open in DRAW if you do not rename and can be seen OK.

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