BASE - populating sub-form with records from related table to main form

I need to setup a form in Base that allows me to select a record in the main form and then populate a table in the subform with records from a related table based on the selection made in the main form.

I have described my database configuration in this post, please see for details.

This question is also similar to mine, but unanswered. :frowning: question 20736

Thanks in advance for any help.

O.K. so I’ve now got a working database that does what I needed it to do. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I didn’t use LibreOffice. I found SailformsPro for Android and easily set up my database on a tablet.

So it’s not a very good answer, but this was my solution to this problem.

I also found lots of information on the OpenOffice forums so if you must use Base head over there, lots more info and example databases.