Base, records disappearing from database

Happening on version 5.3 and 5.4 under Linux mint 18

I have a simple 1 table database with a form to add records and a report.

Adding records and report both work, but at seemingly random times I open the database, go to edit a record and find there are none, or run a report and get an empty result, looking at the table again confirms that all the records have disappeared.
This sometimes happens between entering two records in the same session.
Has anyone come across this problem? I cannot make head nor tail of it.


I have put two records in but have had t o reduce the size of the images to because of the upload limit


Can you post a copy of the .odb without any personal or confidential info?


Well, as soon as I saw you had images embedded in you DB, it told me the problem. Didn’t really need the file after that.

The default embedded HSQLDB and embedded images do not work together. My past experience has shown crashes after 7-10 inserted images. Either use linked images (field contains link to image) or if you really need to have the images in the DB you need to change DB’s. Any other DB will save LONGVARBINARY or BLOB fields without much problems (except possibly reports - see How to print images in Base reports. including comments).

You can create a split DB (with upgraded HSQLDB) rather easily - Split DB setup instructions contains a doc with instructions & links in my answer.

Bottom line is that with the embedded DB don’t use embedded images and even with that best not to use for anything but testing & education. At the least upgrade to a split DB.


Here is a post containing a simple sample & description of linking images - How to insert a link to an odb database to display an image

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A further note. Have added a few dozen new nonsense records using both your forms throughout the day WITHOUT any images in these new records (left original two in). Have found no lost records. Reports seem fine also.