Split DB setup instructions

It appears that the best way to continue to develop and update an active DB (1 or 2 users, a separate developer) is with a split DB. Can you please direct me to some literature/manual that explains how it works and how to set it up?
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@JoeCastor Before going too far, it may help if you clarify what you mean by “…1 or 2 users, a separate developer”. This almost sounds like needing a database server. In the mean time, attached is a document I have to assist in creating a split DB. While are informative, the process to transfer data from an existing DB to a split DB is not obvious. There can be problems if not done correctly.

Having a split DB separates the data out of the .odb which greatly reduces the risk of data corruption when the .odb files are zipped/unzipped during the opening & closing of Base.

Take a look & please get back on what the actual use of your system is intended to be.

Edit 9/13/2017 Corrected document - SetupSplitDB.odt

I’ve downloaded the recommendations (3) and will study them. The work I’ve done to date is for a non-profit astronomical society that will start to be used the end of August by the society secretary (not me). I want to continue to add to and improve what I’ve done so far. The society pres. has said he’d like to eventually move the data to a server so the treasurer (and he) can have access. That’s my challenge. I hope I’m headed in the right direction. Thanks for your continued help.

The recommendations are basically all the same. The two by @charlie.it are the original and the new versions. My paper links to the new version. The paper only add additional information about transferring data which isn’t always clear or even correctly done.

Not sure about the direction. While splitting the data out of the .odb will be necessary, I would personally go with something like MySQL or PostgreSQL servers. These are just DB servers & for multi-user capabilities it’s much more.

Read your document and it seems doable (yes, other 2 are similar). I have a few questions: The document doesn’t mention Forms. How are they transferred? After the split, would I send the entire new directory to the user, or is there more to it? If I make form, query, report changes/additions, what do I send to the user? I have 2 Calc files that use the DB for data source. Will they link the same as now? Should they be in the new directory? Thanks again. I’ll check out the MySQL and PostgreSQL

Forms would be identical to Queries & Reports - copy & paste. The entire directory contains what is needed (aside from LO being installed). When changes you mention are made, only the .odb is affected. Depending upon comfort level as to what is sent. The calc files would best be placed in the same folder and referenced as such.

Keep in mind, this process does almost nothing for multi-user access, and then only if HSQLDB were the server. It does nothing if using other DB servers.

Just because I want to be clear on this, the process you are looking at is ONLY to separate the data out of the .odb for greatly reduced risk of data corruption. This has almost nothing (and then only in a distant sense) to do with multi-user access .

Thanks for the clarification. I looked at MySQL and Postgres. They’re like jumping into the deep end of the pool and not knowing how to swim, it’s starting over. So, for now, next steps will be to split the DB for a single user (and the 3 users mentioned can email it between themselves if they want, as the data volume is very low) so I can continue to improve the reporting, etc.
On behalf or the Sonora Astronomical Society, Thank You! for all your help and direction.

Another comment about your Calc files. You are accessing the data from Base because the the database is registered. When you register it, it is based upon the name of the .odb & its’ location. When you do set up the split DB you will need to register it in it’s new location. Do this from the menu Tools->Options then under LibreOffice Base->Databases you can select the old one & Edit it to the new location.

Okay, got it. Thanks a lot for that help tip.

I would like to correct a comment I made above for those interested in this topic. The links provided by charlie.it’s answer are both for creating a split DB. However, one is to be used to convert an existing embedded DB & the other is to create an empty split DB. The instructions provided in my answer are an alternative way to convert an existing embedded DB.