Base: when importing txt files, the database is not relational

I’ve got a bunch of CSV .txt files from Access, each .txt file being a table. I can import them as an existing database in ‘txt’ format and they all come in at once OK. However, the tables appear to be a non-relational database. I can’t do joins, etc. and if I pull down Tools | Relationships… I get “The database does not support relations.”

Is there some way to import .txt tables in a way that I can build relations among them?

If not, what’s the purpose of even having a multiple-text-file import facility at all?

Is there some alternative recommended way to import an Access database into Base? How about the queries? Oh, I see, I can access the Access database directly?

But I’d still like to know how to have a .txt relational database. Thanks!

Jason - thanks for the link, but this is for a hobby (Civil Air Patrol) not a business.

Mariosv - do you know if there is some reason that LO did not implement relations among TXT files? That eliminates a hugely important capability of databases. And I was wondering about LO importing queries from an MDB Access file, sounds like it can’t.

Databases on CSV, TXT or DBF files do not support relations.

But, yes, you can open Access database.
Menu/File/New/Database - Connect to an existing database.
Select the Access type, and follow the wizard.

And you can take a look on this link:

Contact They can help you out with this

My problem is this: i connect to a mdb file or accdb file with Libreoffice 4 base in Windows 7, but i can’t do it in Ubuntu 13.04 64-bits.

I don’t understand why txt, csv or dbf files don’t support relations. I can do that in Access.

I don’t understand why i can’t have linked tables (to a txt file for example) and native base tables in the same odb file like i do in mdb or accdb files.

To use my information in Ubuntu (because i update my Windows Access database daily) i solved my problem like this:

  1. i exported my Access tables to text files, i have a link in Access to keep them updated, i send the text files daily
  2. i have a odb file to link to the text files
  3. since i can’t do queries in Base i do them in Calc.

These are the steps: mdb → txt → odb → ods

What i want is: mdb → odb