Basic runtime error with "Symmetric Arrow"

In macro setting
.LineStartName = “Symmetric Arrow”
would give some type of “runtime error”:

It could be that this “Symmetric arrow” worked in earlier libreoffice version (like 6.4.xx) but no more with version 7.xx. Also possible cause that “Symmetric Arrow” is Openoffice syntax. This case how
to find the corresponding libreoffice arrow type?

Also asked at Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - Basic runtime error with "Symmetric Arrow" - (View topic)
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You were already told in the (AOO; Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - Basic runtime error with "Symmetric Arrow" - (View topic) ) that an immage isn’t the appropriate means to post Basic code. It’s the same thing here.

The answer I just posted there was: " There isn’t an accepted LineStartName (or LineEndName) “Symmetric Arrow” in LibreOffice. Why do you think there is one?" Is there one?

Also: Please report error messages precisely.

I don’t know an enumeration for LineStartName / LineEndName. If you use an English UI, the names shown in Draw when interactively editing a line object should be accepted.

There’s a bug. Investigating with an .odg created with 6.4.5 and opened with 7.3.3 I got a line showing LineStartName “Symmetric Arrow” when inspecting it in Basic. The UI doesn’t show a name for it - and also doesn’t show an unchanged setting for LineEndName in this case.
Very strange: The lost name once introduced to LibO7.3.3 via the example file, Basic now accepted it in assignments for the running session open document…

You may report a bug to

Did it myself: tdf#149917

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I not see a line with “Symmetric Arrow”…
Can you attach file with this type of line?

Here is some part of the code:

       With oShape
          .size      = nSize
          .position  = nPoint
          .LineColor = RGB(0,0,255)
          .LineWidth = 0.5
          .LineStyle =
          .LineStartName = "Symmetric Arrow"
          .LineEndName   = "Symmetric Arrow"
        End With

Also I think the “LineWidth” is change from inches to millimeters or something like that.

The image is to show the error and how it points to the line of the code.

Not sure what you (@elmau) mean exactly, but…
If you want to find “Symmetric Arrow” offered as an option tor the styling of both endpoints of lines (graphical objects), you need to use an older version. My current LibO doesn’t show it, what is part of the bug. If a document containing LineGraph objects using the mentioned attribute is opened in a recent (suffering from the bug) version, the additional consequences of the bug are showing.
The Symmetric Arrow itself is a polygon shape very similar to an equilateral triangle.
@jarkky: As a workaround (as long as the bug is happily living) you can go the way described in the attached example:
LineEndsStyleEquilateralTriangle.odg (19.9 KB)

The style “Symmetric Arrow” was removed in favor of a more streamlined set of arrow styles. But you can load the legacy styles into the document. Join the discussion at if this particular style needs to be present. An argument to consider is having equilateral triangles.