Best file type for inserting a YouTube video into an Impress jazz presentation

I’m attempting to have our remote Jazz Club meetings using Zoom.
I have started a file and tried to insert a previously downloaded YouTube file (I used 4K Downloader).
I got a message saying “The format of the selected file is not supported”. It is an MP4 file.
What is the best file type to save the downloaded YouTube video to insert into an Impress file?
Any advice much appreciated.
Vic Grayson

Try to read here:

To be honest, I do not know which file type will be better for uploading to YouTube, but I know for sure that if some type of file does not suit you, then you can easily download a video converter from movavi Top 5 Ways to Convert Video to HD (1080p) Quality with Ease, change the file type, and try loading it again.