Bibliography does not update after changing entry structure

Whenever I change my structure of a bibliography entry, in this case WWW-Document, after applying the changes and updating the bibliography index, the index entries don’t actually change. I’ve also tried removing the citation in text and re-adding it and then updating the index but this did not help either.


Unfortunately I cannot upload images as a new user, that’s why I’m using external sources. I hope this is fine.

As you can see: according to my settings the WWW Document selected should show up in the bibliography index with the address as described in the entry template but on updating it just doesn’t show up.

I hope this explanation was understandable, if not please tell me and I’ll try to clarify.

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Thank you very much for your assistance.

Entry structure is customised by category of citation (listed in Type). If your entries are not WWW-documents, they won’t be formatted according to the WWW-document structure line. Check your bibliography entries to see if you’re consistent between the database and your usage.
When there is concordance between entry and structure line type, update is fine.
Here: LO under Fedora 37 Linux and KDE Plasma desktop