Bibliography does not update after changing entry structure

Whenever I change my structure of a bibliography entry, in this case WWW-Document, after applying the changes and updating the bibliography index, the index entries don’t actually change. I’ve also tried removing the citation in text and re-adding it and then updating the index but this did not help either.


Unfortunately I cannot upload images as a new user, that’s why I’m using external sources. I hope this is fine.

As you can see: according to my settings the WWW Document selected should show up in the bibliography index with the address as described in the entry template but on updating it just doesn’t show up.

I hope this explanation was understandable, if not please tell me and I’ll try to clarify.

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Thank you very much for your assistance.

Entry structure is customised by category of citation (listed in Type). If your entries are not WWW-documents, they won’t be formatted according to the WWW-document structure line. Check your bibliography entries to see if you’re consistent between the database and your usage.
When there is concordance between entry and structure line type, update is fine.
Here: LO under Fedora 37 Linux and KDE Plasma desktop

hello together. I think I know what his problem is. I have the same issue, when i am trying to update my bibliography. So I am changing some entries of the data base (bibliography data base), and afterwars I try to update the bibligraphy in the document, the changes didnt apply.

Is it a bug or is it a feature? :wink:

Here: LO under Windows 11 home 64 bit

@commanderkoerg Please, be more descriptive. There are so many ways to change entries … OP was about the “format” or “type” of an entry. The bibliography is a can of worms. It aggregates many formats. A format is chosen by selecting a Type. The Type enables/disables columns in the database. It also selects the template for rendering the entry.

Which is your case?

Sorry, but my english isn’t the best.
The type of the entry doesn’t make any difference. When you do some changes in the data base, the changes will not apply. For example I change an entry with “book”-type in the data base. (tools/biblio data base) I change the year. Afterthat I close the window (data base). I go to my document, right click the bibliography and select “update index”. The changes didn’t apply. The number of the year doesn’t changed.

Here: LO under Windows 11 home 64 bit

Attach a sample file. If I need the effective bibliography DB, I’ll tell you how to retrieve it.

I want to change the year. I write in the DB “2025” for the year of the biblio entry “Valentien” and close the window. Afterthat rightclicking and “Update index” do not change the year.

I can’t upload more then 1 picture. So I answer a few times.

The sample file @ajlittoz needs is a Writer file. Pictures are no help in this case.

example-file.odt (18.9 KB)

Works nice here, but there are differences: you haven’t attached your bibliography DB. Consequently, I use the built-in demo biblio DB with Valentien entry extracted from the document. I can’t modify this entry with Tools>Bibliography DB (because it is not present).

I must right-click either on the bibliography reference (“Valentien 2024”) or on the full citation in the bibliography list and Bibliography Entry then Edit.

Writer bibliography feature is quite tricky and not really user-friendly. I remember a few questions about the bibliography database itself (I personally stumbled on such problems). The right method to update it is not immediate. I think right-clicking on an entry as suggested above is more reliable. Also “reliability” (or more exactly predictability) depends on the storage location of the DB: document-only or shared global installation DB.

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Thanks! That’s the only way that worked for me. Very user “unhandy”, I think. Is it possible to fix that in newer LO-versions?

I don’t know. It looks like there is more developer activity on Calc than on Writer (and I think Writer technology is more complicated than Calc).

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Okay. Sounds difficult. Thanks anyway for your help! :grinning:

Compare to this (old) bug-report: