Bluetooth connection failed on remote control impress

Greeting everyone.

I have a problem to take the control of my presentation by bluetooth connection, curiously by wifi works fine. It’s connected and matched with my laptop by bluetooth, but in app when I try to do the connection it show me the instructions to configure the remote control impress, but the configuration is fine, so why does it works on wifi?, if someone knows any solution to this issue I appreciated a lot.

Thanks for your collaboration.

PS: the matching bluetooth devices connected are between a dell inspiron 15 on Ubuntu 20, and a motorola one macro cellphone.

@cloph: possibly you can help here?

From an answer on IRC to my similar problem:

btw the remote should work just fine with bluetooth - it is just that pairing/trusting a device still is kind of a clusterfuck on linux desktop, so most reliable way is to use commandline bluetoothctl for the parining…