Bookmarks order in Navigation

I write a lot so I have to rely on bookmarks, and I’ve encountered a big problem with LibreOffice. When I insert bookmarks, they don’t show in order they appear in the document which troubles me a lot. I know that if I right-click the status bar in the page number zone I can see the bookmarks in the right order, but that’s inconvenient for me since my laptop’s touch bar is extremely sensitive. Also, I write a lot so I usually end up having +20 bookmarks… Is there a way that I could make the bookmarks show in the right order, aka the order they appear in the document?

Sounds like enhancement request tdf#86395 Allow sorting of bookmarks in the navigator in two ways: alphabetically and by order in document.

Ok? I’m looked into that, but I’m not a smart person so I have no idea what they’re talking about (obviously they’re talking about bookmark order, but I don’t understand the comments at all). Is there a solution for this?

Both tdf#86395 and the possible duplicate tdf#123514 seem to have fallen off the radar since 2019. One issue that seemed to stall work was “…Navigator, which is said to be a huge spaghetti monster…”. I see, as a user, that some development work has gone on round Navigator so maybe the code has been tidied up since.

The workaround mentioned in 123514 of using the Insert > Bookmark dialog works better in LO than previously, you can sort by Page, Name, or Text by clicking on the heading, click the Go to button to go to the link.

Thanks this has not helped me