Border width adjustment not responding

Hello. Have been trying to change the right hand border width on the cells in column K in this document:


So I highlighted the cells in column K, went to format > page > borders, selected the right-hand border from the “user defined” box on the left, then adjusted the line width to 1.50pt.
However, when I click “OK” and return to the document, no change has been made to the right hand border width of the cells in column K- they are still the same width.

Is there another way to do this?

Why do you look for page borders? Go RightClick ‘Format Cells…’ or Menu ‘Format’ > ‘Cells…’ and then ‘Borders’.

But of course! Thanks.

What I found is, not to use page > borders, but instead use cells > borders. (You can also get this by highlighting the cells and right-clicking, then on popup menu find Format Cells …, then go to Borders)

Then the tricky thing is to first select the part of the cell(s) you want in the diagram, then the width. Unlike Excel, the new thickness won’t display in the diagram - you have to check in the spreadsheet itself.

Cheers and hope this helps.

But of course! Thanks