[Bug?] LO Draw rasterizes vector graphics (PDF) on import

I have been using LO Draw as my primary diagram tool so far and I was happy with it. But since a few days, I have a problem: LO Draw rasterizes vector graphics (stored as PDF) on import.

How can I stop LO Draw from rasterizing vector graphics on import?

Some background information: This use case has already worked flawlessly in LO Draw in Dec 2018 and before. For instance, I created two vector graphics with Python’s matplolib and stored them as PDF (see the first vector graphic here). I imported both graphics into LO Draw via drag and drop, imported another raster graphic and connected the imported graphics with arrows in LO Draw. Then, I have exported the result as PDF and the two vector graphics were not rasterized. See the resulting PDF here. The resulting ODG file can be found here. But now, when I reproduce the following three steps, the imported vector graphics are rasterized by LO Draw:

  1. Open LO Draw.
  2. Drag a vector graphic (stored as PDF) from file explorer and drop it in the LO Draw window.
  3. Zoom in (to 1000%) and check that the imported graphic is pixelized because of rasterizing the imported image.

I can reproduce the problem with two systems:

  • Kubuntu 18.04 with LO version
  • Arch Linux with LO version 6.2.2

The problem does not occur with Inkscape 0.92 on both systems. So, how can I prevent LO Draw from rasterizing vector graphics on import? Or is it a bug in LO Draw or a corresponding component/library?

I would appreciate any suggestions. :slight_smile:

I think there’s a bug, but it’s with the rendering of the PDF, not the insertion. I made an SVG, converted that SVG to a PDF, and used drag-and-drop to insert both into Draw. I was able to “Edit with external tool” and they looked fine. However, the PDF looked pixelated on zoom. I also exported the ODG to PDF, and the embedded PDF was corrupted (either layers or transparency in the original reduced to black). This is with LO 6.2.2 on Kubuntu 18.10.

I recall some weirdness with embedded vector graphics. I have a recent project with all my images in both SVG and PDF format. I think there was an issue with linking, and I ended up using embedded SVGs. Also, the in-program rendering of those SVGs is poor.

Anyway, I encourage you to test “Edit with external tool” and PDF export, and submit a bug report.

Thanks for reproducing the problem in LO Draw. :slight_smile: I will file a bug report at https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/. As workaround - until the bug is fixed - I store the vector graphics as SVG. SVGs are not rasterized when importing via drag and drop.

Great! Glad to help.