bug report on ask.libreoffice.org

I’m aware of How do I report a bug for this Ask site? but the answer there is outdated, we don’t use bugs.freedesktop.org anymore and bugs.documentfoundation.org doesn’t have a “www” product, and no “www” component on the LibreOffice product.

So how to report a bug of this site?

here’s my bug: on signup through OpenID, I get shown a Captcha in Czech, a language of which I have very little mastery. I’m not on a Czech IP. I’m on a Luxembourg IP. Czech is not sent by my browser as an accepted language, my ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header is: “en-GB,en;q=0.5”.

Note that on this page right now to post this question I get a CAPTCHA in English. Go figure.

Second bug report:
a tag is required, but no link to acceptable tags. How am I supposed to know what I can type there. So I type something. Submit, it tells me “At least one of the following tags is required : common, writer, calc, impress, base, draw, math or meta”. Should have told me before. Now I have to solve yet another CAPTCHA to try again. This all gives a poor user experience.

To report a bug on this site, first open this site’s main page (ask.libreoffice.org), and on it, looks for “How to use the Ask site” on the right pane.

Thanks Mike for your fast turn-around.
The “How to use the Ask site” wiki page seems to mention only LibreOffice bugs, not ask site bugs. And I can’t find a relevant product/component on the TDF bugzilla.

You are right… then please connect to #tdf-infra on FreeNode.