How do I report a bug for this Ask site?

If I see something wrong with the website (broken links, missing images, malfunctioning features), how should I report this bug?

Bug reports for the LibreOffice websites (Wiki, Ask, etc…) go in the “WWW” category of the LibreOffice bugtracker.

To report a bug,

  1. Go to the bugtracker, and click on the “New” link.
  2. Pick the “LibreOffice” product from the list.
  3. Under “Component”, scroll to the bottom of the list and select “WWW”.
  4. Add a Summary with the prefix "ASKLIBREOFFICE " such as “ASKLIBREOFFICE Can’t login from the Moon”.
  5. Add a Description, and then click “Submit Bug” to finish the process.

Update: These directions also seem to apply if a website is currently down: There is no website/IT-specific IRC channel, and the IT/infrastructure mailing list appears to only allow posts from subscribers.

This is a test answer I’m using to verify bugs, please ignore it unless you are a developer :slight_smile:

(@qubit1) ( @qubit1) ( @qubit1 ) (.@qubit1) (.@qubit1.)

(@qubit1 filed a bug report about this here: fdo#52489)

Here’s another test line [@qubit1] {@qubit1} (@qubit1) ( @qubit1) [[@qubit1]].

Testing a comment, too. (@qubit1 is not linked), neither is this (for @qubit1), but this one {should work for @qubit1, hopefully}