Bug Report won't submit (error: Data not yet loaded. Pls submit again in a few seconds)

Bug Report Assistant used to attempt Bug Report submission:

  • Created Bugzilla account
  • Logged into Bug Report Assistant on www.LibreOffice.org/get-help/bug using Bugzilla account
  • Used all drop-down menus to add info
  • Filled in Subject and Long Description
  • Attached .db file
  • Described attached file in field below it
  • Submit button appears
  • Clicked submit, but does not submit
  • Error in red box at top of bug report page reads:
    Data not yet loaded. Please press submit again in a few seconds.
  • Clicked Submit button several times
  • Each time Submit button clicked, same error appears in red box at top of page.

I’m stumped, any ideas?

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