Bullets Default color is always white

I am suffering from this annoying problem in Libreoffice impress. Whenever I create a new Text box and choose Toggle unordered list The color of the bullets is always white. I can change that from the option (more bullets) But its annoying having to change that every single time. Bullets within textboxes that are defined by the master slide work fine. But I need some extra Text Boxes (not controlled by master slides) every now and then.

Any Help?

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More details to the problem:
Libre office version :
Windows 10.
To examine the problem yourself. Just create a new Impress document with one of the Templets.
Create a new slide and make a new textbox with Bullets.
There will always be a default color to the bullets. It will depend on the default color
Set by the master slide. Either black or white.