Caesar Cypher - all letters work except 'z' - help please

Enter a letter to be decrypted in row AH1:BB1
The below rows provide every response possible for ‘Shift Register’ type cypher.

x REF = B2:AA2 > Find REF letter on this row
y REF = A3:A27 > Find REF number (AF2:AF26) on this column
Return x,y coordinate value > The shift Register modified value

To see it - add your name in the black 'Caesar Cypher cells.
All shift register responses are listed below - every other thing the text could be

‘z’ is the only letter that does not work - what have I missed?


Caesar Cypher Table.ods

OP uses a rectangular reference in INDEX, which has 25 rows per 26 columns; and passes there 26 (index of Z) as a row.

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Index requests rows first and then columns, you have columns first and then rows.

INDEX(Reference [; Row [; Column [; Range]]]) 


Thanks so much - nice easy one - solved