Calc and text slow to load

Hello folks, sometime ago I raised this issue which has almost resolved itself, but not quite.
(here Libre Office slow to load Calc and Writer)

As mentioned in the original thread my aim was to move across to Linux but this didn’t work out due to incompatibility with SSD, still in the process of switching Office applications but always encounter same problem of slow loading times.

Followed various help topics suggesting ‘launch at start up’ but this made no difference.

My preferred method of working is to just double click on a file rather than go through the Libre Office Community interface, even if this is pre-loaded double clicking on a file reverts back to this screen (Libre Office Community interface) shrinks the icons down then loads the calc file.

Is the purpose of Libre Office Community interface to launch files a bit quicker or perhaps a file explorer type application?

Currently using LibreOffice 7.5.8 with Win Pro which has helped a bit especially after the first load but this is not consistent.

Whilst writing, there is also a problem with the Calc icons, these turn blank once any data is saved when viewing anything other than ‘details’ in file explorer, this includes the Libre Office Community interface.

Thanks for any pointers.

Edit: file format is native ODS

Please upload one of the “slow” files here.

There are some simple questions, what you can check and inform us, or we will examine them in your sample file:
File size?
Image content?
Broken links?
Incompatible formulas?

Thanks for the reply, the files in question are blank or new files with no data - adding even one number to a cell will slow it down slightly.

Overall its not a big problem, I guess its more noticeable being run side by side with Excel which does load at start up.

btw, managed to solve the icon issue, if the file is created within that file view say ‘large icons’ then it works on all views, if created in ‘Detailed’ view then that’s it, fails to show in other views.

Thought I had solved the icon issue but noticed once the ODS file is saved with data the icon disappears,

There’s another similar post on icons where the problem originated from install location, I’ll try a fresh install on another machine and go from there.

It might help explain the slow load issue too.

Bit of an update, decided to not install on main machine as it really needs to work on my laptop which gets 90% of the weekly use.

Instead opted to upgrade to latest version (7.6.2) in case this made a difference, its also a fresh install as it removes previous version.

Couldn’t see much difference between the two, it still loads the Libreoffice splash screen with progress bar before document appears,

After using a few Linux apps I find they tend to be a bit slower on Windows.

Icons still missing on any other view apart from details and content.

Thanks for replies.