Calc: Autoinput feature will change in 7.2

I routinely use the autoinput feature in Calc (the one whereby an entry into a column can be completed just by typing the first couple of letters if the same entry has been made before). At present, this function offers all of the previous entries up to 200 regardless of whether any of the cells in the column above the point at which the entry is being made are empty. In LO 7.2 this has been changed and it will now read only the entries as far back as the nearest empty cell. From my point of view, this greatly limits the functionality. I wonder if anyone else has spotted this and if there is a workaround?



Different users have different points of view.
Different variants of software for similar purposes also have.

If you reprt a bug, you may suggest to create an option to do it this way or another way at least in the expert configuration.

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Thanks, but I was wondering if anyone else had come across this and had thought of a work around such as invisible characters which could fill a column without visual clutter but I cannot think of a way. I have already posted a comment to to request some modification to this intentional alteration.

Same here. Can’t find a workaround. So I downgraded back to LibreOffice 7.1. The LibreOffice 7.2s modified “Autoinput” is now the same as Microsoft Excel. Not so powerful. It was better to offer similar entries of the past 200 cells rather than the immediate bulk of cells. I hope LibreOffice can return AUTOINPUT to its more powerful function.

I don’t think this is a bug. Must be intentional.
But I do find the functionality of the previous AUTOINPUT (<7.2 version) much better.


The answer is noted in the Bug report posted by @Lupp earlier. See

Change is being reverted.

I just upgraded to 7.2 and am having the same problem in Calc. Since I re-use the same entries in both my accounting worksheets and my bank account sheets, not having Autoinput working as it used to is annoying.

ERRATUM: I reinstalled 7.2 but the ALT ↓ does not work. It works in 7.1 but is not needed because the similar entries of the past 200 cells are shown at once. I hope LibreOffice can improved the function of AUTOPINPUT.

I think I found an answer to this from another post. Just press “ALT down”.