Calc - can't add rows

Howdy: trying to simply add rows to a calc spreadsheet.

I click the “Insert Row” option, and I only get this message: “Filled cells cannot be shifted
beyond the sheet.”

I have tried clicking on blank rows; that doesn’t work.

Cutting and pasting rows into blank spaces down the spreadsheet works, but that is super clumsy and ridiculous.

Anyone have an answer for this? Anyone else have this problem?

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Maybe with your insertion you are moving the data below your inserted rows beyond the limit for rows (1048576).
Search for your last row with data Ctrl+End and calculate if you are trying to insert more rows than there are between the last with data and the limit.

@mariosv, I had this page open for some time before posting. I should have clicked refresh.

Hi Mario:

Thanks for your advice: that was exactly the problem! Some data had indeed jumped to the end, to 1048576, in spite of my document being of the simplest and shortest type.

Well done, Sir.

I might have never thought to look there…in spite of the “beyond the sheet” comment, that i clearly didn’t understand.

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In Calc there is a upper limit to the number of rows and columns (1024, refer enhancement fdo#50916) each sheet can contain. When inserting new columns or rows all existing content is shifted. If there is any entry (content) in either the final row or column, this message will be displayed:

Filled cells cannot be shifted beyond the sheet.

… because the existing number of rows / columns cannot be increased. It is easy to produce this error message by opening a new spreadsheet, entering “a” in A1, CTRL+left_arrow to go to the last column, enter “z”, and then right-click on any column header and select “Insert Columns” (v3.x-v4.0) / “Insert Columns left” (v4.1).

Check to see if you have any content in the sheet in the last row or column. Move this content elsewhere.

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Try to copy-paste whole sheet to new sheet, it helped to me

Try to copy-paste whole sheet to new sheet, it helped to me