In calc, why does my computer lag when modifying all cells fonts/size, and why do I have extra data in my last row and last column?


I had a problem recently with libreoffice calc (i just upgraded to : the problem may be in the previous version that I was using. I am using XP)
When trying to insert a row or column, it gave me an error about shifting content off the spreadsheet.
I looked this up and found the following question ( Calc - can't add rows), which had a good answer: indeed the issue was that there was data in the last row of the spreadsheet, there was data in the last column, and the last column of the last row was also filled.

However, I strongly doubt that this data was put there by me.
I suspect that there was a computing error or file error at some point; I don’t know which.

Upon closer examination the data was actually the sum of the row or column in question.

For example, in column A the last row contained " =SUM(A4:A1048575) "
The last column of row 4, contained “=SUM(A4:AMI4)” , while the last column of row 6 contained " =SUM(A6:AMI6) ".

I think that perhaps the problem originated in one or more places and was propagated to different lines / columns by cutting and pasting of rows or columns, because the problem did not occur in rows or columns that I had not put data in (with the exception of the [last row, last column], which read " =SUM(A1048576:AMI1048576) "

There is one other problem which I have had that might be related.
There are times when I would like to modify the font of the whole spreadsheet, or the font size of the whole spreadsheet. After selecting the whole spreadsheet and modifying the font or size, the program bogs down like it is doing something immensely complicated.

Actually I can see how modifying every row and column of a spreadsheet could be immensely complicated, but I’m pretty sure that I have done similar things in the past with microsoft excel, years ago, and it somehow took that in stride.

So, that’s all I know about the problem now.
If I find any new information I will let you know.

Thanks for your input

Hi. I have the same problem.