Calc Chart Data-Aware Text Boxes?

I am pleased with LibreOffice Calc charting capability, and would like to propose some enhancements. The present post concerns captions (somewhat akin to the present title facility).

Whereas the content of charts proper are dynamically data-aware (via data ranges), the title, subtitle & axis labels are static and could very usefully be cell-bound.

The advantage would be for spreadsheets with many identically-formatted charts, differing only in data content (I have several hundred).

I have tried the work-around explained in Adding a cell reference to a chart text box(Text%20Box,Right%20click%20and%20select%20Group. However this is very time-consuming, fiddly to implement, is an impediment to chart editing, and breaks down when copying an image to another document (formatting is not preserved).

My suggestions are:

(a) Enhance title and axis controls with an option for cell binding.
(b) Extend the predefined controls to include arbitrary text boxes.

Thank you for your attention.

Please take a minute and read this Introduction - Feature Request and what it states about where Feature Requests should go to. To post here has no effect on developers attention, since this site is about users answering questions of other users of LibreOffice.

Cf tdf#103863
If you urgently need to define titles for hundreds of charts, you may consider to resort to user code.
There is a raw demonstration how it might be done in the attached example.

Thanks for the posting advice, Guys, and the pointer to a coding example. I’ll be more careful next time.

Thanks, Lupp, a lovely bit of code!
Your link to Lars’ feature request was an object lesson for me, and I’ll close this.

Have added my support to a 2016 feature request for exactly this. I’ll also look at Lupp’s workaround that may keep me going. Thanks all.

impressive what @Lupp can do inside this system!

just one other idea for those who like it quick and dirty:

add one data series with no data but a meaningful name to your chart, best on top of the ranges to have the name on top of the legend, the referenced ‘name’ cell may contain any text or formula,

then you can use that name in the chart legend (the cell it’s pulled from) as your reference for ‘where am i?’ or ‘what is this?’,

depends on charts being able to display a legend, i’m not a charter, don’t know if that applies to all types, tested it with a line chart, works,