Calc chart not refreshing when data changes _Latest_Update

This bug is still around was reported back in Nov 14. However the answer press F9 does not work in LibreOffice

The solution is CTL + SHIFT + F9

Another example of this bug

Edited to add in links to previous examples

Which is “this”? Please don’t forget to provide a link, when you refer to something.

Which “the answer”? Please don’t forget to provide a link, when you refer to something. I guess, that the answer would likely tell that F9 refreshes the selected cell. Chart isn’t a cell.

LibO V24.2.0 was an “extremely fresh” version. There may have been a few bugs (regressions) introduced during the implementation of new features and not detected and fixed in advance of the release.
If you don’t feel to be an expert, you should better use a “rather still” version like V currently.

Sorry this previous bug. I have updated the question to include the link.

and added in a link to

OK. Let us please try not to bring together very different things.

There was an issue of a user who disabled auto-calculation. It was not a bug, and F9 for the current not updated cell (or Ctrl+Shift+F9 for everything in the file) helped in that case (or simply enabling the automatic calculations).

There was tdf#86321, fixed in 7.0.6, which manifested by correct display in edit mode.

But it is still unclear what happens in your case. You say that Ctrl+Shift+F9 helps; so maybe you have automatic calculation disabled? Or is that something else - maybe a completely new problem?

In my case I have two tables of data, with a number of rows that are used in their respective charts.

I have had the problem before of the charts not updating when I changed the underlying data, and it solved when I changed the size of the chart.

The master table has years and a breakdown of the carbon footprint for the year, followed by a forecast. My update was to change the most recent forecasted year to an actual year by creating a new tab with the actual details, and then replacing the formulae in the table to point to this new tab.

I then noticed that the charts had not updated. I went into edit the chart played around with the range and other things to try and get the chart to refresh.

Then I went through searching for solutions and found the first link, which when I read through mentioned CTL + SHIFT + F9, which solved the problem for me and gave me the updated chart that I was able to copy into a report.

I checked my settings and Autocalculate is on. I have never changed it for LibreOffice (In excel when working on very large models, I used to turn it off about 20 years ago but have not needed to with modern PCs)

It is a pretty simple workbook total size 50.7Kb, so easy to share if that would help.

Aha, so that is all very important missing bits of information, that a chart copied together with its data sheet will not listen to the data changes, until updated forcefully. Not very useful to post the data here - but it would be very useful to report that as a bug (and be sure to post the sample there). Only then will you enable developers to discover the problem, and give them a chance to fix it (and no amount of users sharing workarounds on this Ask site make that moment any closer).

Maybe tdf#121626

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It was different. I have a summary sheet, with a detailed table and highlevel summary table along with corresponding charts.

The summary table was not changed just the detailed table. By copying one of the calculation tabs, updating it and then changing the formulae in the detailed table to point to the new calculation tab.

The both charts would not update. It tried various edits to the detailed chart with no success and then both charts updated when I pressed CTL + SHIFT + F9

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I have been testing as part of creating a bug report. The chart updates fine if I just make data changes. The thing that stops the chart updating is duplicating one of the existing Year worksheets.

I have year worksheets with details and a summary worksheet with tables that refer back to the year worksheets and charts based on the tables.

Duplicating a year worksheet causes the chart to stop updating.

Created bug report with example workbook

Bug has been confirmed in may have been around for a while.