Calc chart not refreshing when data changes

I have a 5-sheet 4Mb spreadsheet with many lines of data, from which I select one line with VLOOKUP functions to create a table that is used to drive a pair of charts to display the selected data. Select a new data line, the table changes and the charts should change.

This was working (and I’ve used the approach before on MS EXCEL quite happily).

Currently I can change the data and see the change in the data table, but the charts do not update - they are holding the previous charts’ data. No obvious reason for this lock-up. Any suggestions welcome.

Version: Calc
Build ID: 3fd416d4c6db7d3204c17ce57a1d70f6e531ee21
running on Win7 but I don’t think this is an OS-specific issue.

The answer does not appear to be applicable to newer versions of LibreOffice, e.g. (Linux)
The bug persists, however. The case should probably be re-opened.

A work-around to the problem, try one of these:

  • For every chart that does not update: slide the chart slightly to a new position and the chart will update itself (other method: resize the chart slightly)

  • Save your work and re-open the file; the chart will appear updated.

It seems to me this problem occurs on sheets that have been copied from another sheet.

Do LO developers have a testing methodology? Why hasn’t this bug been corrected after so many years although it is reported in so many places?

@ThomasU +1


same here. this is a really annoying behaviour that you have to save your file, exit calc and restart/reload to see the changes made in data represented in the chart.

Shift-CTRL-F9 did the trick.

Press F9 for manual data update or set Tools > Cell content > AutoCalculate

Thanks, I did try the F9 route to no benefit, but I’ll check the Tools option.

Would ctrl-shift-F9 be worth a try?

Thanks Rugslug. Does the job for me.

Not right that after opening Calc workbook pressing Ctrl-Shift-F9 gives different answer.

Calc needs to check dependent formulae better when opening.

Just recently moved over from Windows (Excel) to Ubuntu (Calc). Good experience so far, but the refresh (F9) thing has been bugging me.

p.s. 8 combinations of [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Shift]-f9 which mean different things in Excel & Calc doesn’t help (not a criticism)

Had quick think (ok, had a few) - but problem very likely caused by formulae results which change between saved file results to file which has just been opened results, like ‘TODAY()’.

My answer today was to remake the two charts, which are currently working.
The only obvious difference is that the new charts show data ranges where the old ones only offered the data charts.

It seems that the old ones are created in MSO Excel and the new ones in LibO. Thus the old ones might not work because the MSO Excel version you are using is not fully supporting the ODF format standard. I am afraid but you have to create the old charts new.