Calc Checkboxes

Not sure which way is best. I want to have a 2 column list, with description and a checkbox. There will be about 20 of them.
I do not mind which way.

When a sheet(s) when I set up checkboxes, they do not stay with the cell. Need to stay with cell.
Have searched and cannot find the answer, must be the way I ask!
Can that be sorted or
Do i make a named form up with 2 columns and checkbox. Must attach to specific sheet for each form. When I select form I seem to be only able to have 1 column. Thinking I am missing something here.
The description, say car, boat, train, motorbike, cycle, etc with the check boxes in adjacent column. A macro will look at the ticked items only to obtain name info to create a small list, with not all items included.
Your comments would be much appreciated.

Right-click the control and select Anchor > To cell

If you have two columns, then give each a heading so they will sort as a block.
CheckBoxAnchorToCell.ods (18.5 KB)

Hi EarnestAI

Thanks for that. Great news for me. Now I am away with my project.


Charles, you might be interested in looking at some alternative ways to label values? Please look at this discussion and links to other solutions in that topic.

Hi JohnSUN

Thanks for info. I will certainly follow up and look at other solutions. Kool.