Calc: Conditional Formatting based on cell above

How do I go about setting up conditional formatting based on the cell above?

I did:

Condition 1:
Formula is: A1=A2

However this causes conditional formatting not based on the above cell, but the below cell. How do I get it to be the above cell?

Note: Formula is: A2=A1 does the same thing as A1=A2

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Condition 1: Formula is: A1=A2


Check this:

Condition 1: Cell value is: A1=A2

Hello @wootowl

Assuming your data range is A1:A30 Select cells A2:A30, go to Conditional Formatting dialog and add a condition Cell value is -> Equal to -> A1 Apply the style needed. Notice relative cell reference, it is needed to correctly apply CF rule for the whole selected range.

Hello, newish user, how can I format a cell based on the cell above to be hidden if the value hasn’t changed? Simple credit debit sheet but the last column just shows a repeat of the value above, I want it to be hidden if the balance hasn’t changed.

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The shortcoming of SM_Riga’s solution is that it is essentially “hardcoded” for a fixed data range. But what if you want a dynamic data range? Use the OFFSET function in your comparison.

Example: in a sheet with rows describing paragraphs in a document, columns A and B are the section and paragraph numbers; column C is the paragraph heading; column D is the page number where the paragraph starts. When the rows are sorted, we expect the page number to be the same or higher as we look down the rows, and to get the first occurrence of a page number to be bold, we enter the following next to Formula Is