Calc crashes since 7.5 update when using Wingdings font in date validity

Hi guys

I have a sheet that has a column which is a kind of “Yes/No” option. It looks up data validity on a lookup table on a second sheet. The lookup options are blank and a tick/check mark (using Wingdings font). Everything worked fine and the dropdown correctly showed blank and tick mark. Now, it crashes when opening since update to 7.5. The only way I can fix it is to go to the lookup table and re-set the font to Wingdings. This now works and stops the crash however the dropdown will not show the correct font and seems to default to a standard font. Naturally, the tick mark is not a tick mark in that font. However when I do select the symbol now shown, it correctly shows the tick mark as designed in the cell.

Any ideas?

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Don’t use Windings font, it has checkmark at U+f0fe  which just causes problems if you don’t use Windings font as shown in this sentence. It is time Windings retired.
Use your usual font, say Liberation Serif, enter U+2611 and immediately after it press Alt+X to get

Note if your language is set to English (UK) then typing :checkbox2: should have AutoCorrect to . Look in Tools > AutoCorrect > AutoCorrect Options for other possibilities under :check… Or in Insert > Special Character, change font to Open Symbol and type check

Even if Wingdings is evil (in using characters from the private use range so if someone does not have Wingdings installed they may see something completely different (i for example in terminal console for U+F0FE see a baby buggy (or is it a wheelchair?))), a crash should not happen and should be reported as bug with a condensed stripped-down document attached exposing the faulty behaviour. Thanks, and please report the bug number back here in the tdf#123456 form.