Calc date separator

In LibOffice 3.5.1 I could format a cell as Date | Dec 31, then enter a date such as 3-10 and it would convert to Mar 10. In my newly installed LibOffice, the format requires that the separator be a slash (/) rather than a hyphen (-). Why the change? Why not accept either?

Look here Calc 4: cells does not recognize dates with dash in it

They changed alot from 3.6 to 3.6 in date acceptance pattern. Check out
this question
and the answers from manj_k.

In Version (Build ID: 5b93205)

I can enter dates like 13-3-11 or 13/3/11 and get the date in the format of the cell which could be e.g. mmm dd leading to Mar 10. Thus all works fine.

However, I need to enter yy/m/d or yy-m-d. If I only use m/d or m-d the entered string is not recognized as a date but as text.