Calc: duplicating rows including form controls

I’m trying to make an inventory page in calc for my personnal purchases. To make it more user friendly, I want to have a datepicker a spin button (to specify quantity purchased) for each items. Every items has its row. I was able to create and configure the form controls.

My problem is when I want to duplicate the row, let says, 200 times. The form controls are not copy/pasting with the rows. If I select the controls to copy them directly, the linked cell value is not adjusting itself so i’d have to configure all the controls one by one which would take me way too much time. I made lots of research without success.

Is there a way to quickly do this?
Thanks in advance for your help!

If you are not afraid to use macros, then the simplest solution is ready. Only two controls are used on the worksheet - the datepicker and counter. The macro activates one of them, when you select a cell with a specific format (style) and then hides.

Hi, thanks for answering.
Unfortunately, I never used macro neither I know how to used them…

If you attach a sample of your file - just two or three lines of filled and explaining “who is who” - I will try to quickly provide a solution.

Ok, I hope that this example of a solution of your task is clear. ControlsForCell.ods