Calc formulas showing name of spreadsheet

Hi all,
I’m a bit desperate here.
For some reason, after altering the name of my current spreadsheet tab, all cells containing formulas are now showing the spreadsheet name before the coordinates of the cell.
I want to have back the original behavior so that by pressing F2 i should have a highlight of all the cells used in the formula and not a long path.
Its not the first time it happens.
Searched all over the web and forum but couldn’t find a solution.

I added a screenshot of what i’m facing here.
Can anybody help me, please?

I assume you’re running an old version of LibreOffice, you didn’t say which. There once was such version where the otherwise implicit (relative self) sheet could be made explicit on some operations. To get rid of it you’ll have to use the Find&Replace dialog (menu Edit - Find & Replace, or Ctrl+H) on the same sheet only:

  • Find: ‘Estudo Dirigido’.
  • Replace:

Note to include the ’ single quotes and the trailing dot in the Find expression and leave Replace empty. Ensure that Regular expressions and All sheets are not selected.

This just solved!
I do not know why I did not think of this before.
My version is I guess it’s not to old but going to update it anyways.
Thank you very much sir!