Calc: Frequent "Adapt row height" anomaly - takes 7 minutes

Working with large voter data spreadsheet for an entire county - 157,000 voters and lines in spreadsheet. Every thing was working fine until I started adding columns into which I would cut and paste columns from to put them where I wanted them to appear. It’s mostly happening when I do operations with columns. I had spent a couple of hours adjusting the size (width) of columns with no problems at all.

Takes it 7 minutes to do its “Adapt row height” thing! Driving me nuts and I can’t finish the job.

David Carter
cell 409-718-2268

Please @dcarter, try resetting to default format for all cells outside the table [Ctrl+M], if this doesn’t help, please try again resetting to default format for the all sheet. Maybe there are some formatted cells doing slower row height calculation.