Calc - Horizontal Smooth Scrolling

I am trying to find a way to enable horizontal smooth (by pixel and not by cell) scrolling in Calc.

Documentation online points me toward a “Smooth Scrolling” option in Tools → Options → View but I think this may only be an option for vertical scrolling in Writer.

I would be very surprised if such an option does not exist because it makes editing spreadsheets with many large text-filled cells nearly impossible to edit without accidentally placing information in the wrong columns. This problem can be occasionally mitigated by making the column width smaller but when the column content is long enough to fill the entire width of the screen there is no obvious way to reduce the width of the column.

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  • Platform: Windows 7 Professional
  • Frustration Level: High

I really like this option too. Sometimes I’ve cells which are bigger then my screen width and I really have problems navigating in my sheet.

Scrolling by pixel should be an option. It is a configuration setting in Excel or you can use the middle mouse button to scroll by pixel in Excel. It is also the default in Calligra Sheets. Scrolling by pixel aka Smooth Scrolling is a must for working on spreadsheets with large amounts of text. This is easily my biggest frustration with Libre Office.

This is not so much an issue of smooth scrolling (graphics handling) as catering for cells with large amounts of content i.e., sub-cell scrolling. Bug fdo#70525 reports the same problem for vertical scrolling. There is no currently open bug for horizontal scrolling, however the issues are likely related.


I am also interested in how to adjust scrolling rates