Calc - How to make negative currency numbers bold red

How do I make the negative currency numbers show in bold red. It does show in red, but I want these bold red.

I don’t see any bold formatting in Format Numbers help. One way would be to:

  • Select the range and click Format > Conditional > Condition > More Rules
  • In the dialogue, set Cell Value is less than 0. Apply Style: New Style
    • In new dialogue under Organiser tab Name: Bold, under Font tab, Style Bold
  • OK out

Negative numbers should be Red (still) and Bold
NegativeCurrencyBoldRed.ods (12.9 KB)

This does work and I thank you. I did not read carefully enough your instructions. Thanks for your help!

Please mark the post that contains the instructions as the solution, not the nice post that thanks the answerer (thank you for being kind here - it’s appreciated!). For the future readers searching for the solution, it would indeed be interesting to see what helps. Thanks!