[Calc] Insert Decimal two digits from end of number

In librecalc

For example, when I input 1234 I want it to return 12.34 instead of 1234.00

I’m using it on a expense sheet so when I am rapidly entering expenses, not having to hit the Decimal key saves time.

There was a similar question here but it was years ago. This was something I was able to do in excel. But I can’t seem to find the option in librecalc

TBH, I can’t find the option in Excel, too - so it would be fine if you explained how you activated/used this in Excel, so that others could see what option you refer to.

I don’t recall exactly, it was in office 2007.

FTR: the Excel feature in question is “Automatically insert a decimal point” in Advanced options.

Awesome, thank for looking that up. Is there a way to do this in LibreCalc or at least some kind of workaround?

Would it be possible to have the enter key not only submit the value to the cell and move to next cell as default, but also trigger a macro for that cell that divides it by 100? Or could I somehow set a property or function to all cells where whatever the user inputs, divides it by 100 and updates the value shown in the cell?

Anyone have any idea how to do this? Seems quite trivial. I think a feature like “fixed decimal” would achieve this as well? This really sucks, such a basic requirement for book-keeping, a primary use case for spreadsheet software. Maybe once microsoft releases Office on Linux I’ll have to switch back to that. Shame.

I’ve made a formal enhancement request to Libreoffice suggesting this feature. I could see this being VERY desirable in accounting/bookkeeping applications.

More than desirable, required for any serious accounting or bookkeeping. The difference in data entry is unbelievable if you are a ten-key by touch user, which any accounting pro beyond rank novice will be.

@Boggle, Can you share here the number of the enhancement request (just type tdf# and the number without space). Thanks.

Just finded one report tdf#115078.

See related question: How to setup for automatic decimal

Number format Percent with 0 decimal places works, until you type a .