calc save hangs

I’ve been using libreoffice on Windows 10 for years. Recently my calc saves have gone from at most a small number of seconds to 15+ minutes. The progress bar moves fine until it reaches about 97% then hangs for 15 minutes – but eventually completes. The CPU utilization is about 18% percent, so it’s not maxing out by any means. One file I update a lot is about 5MB, so not massive. Less than half the RAM is in use. I’m using the latest version of libreoffice:

Any ideas what the problem is or to debug?

Please test with a clean profile, Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried a couple times with the option for a completely new profile and the behavior is the same. Any other ideas?

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Do you have any network drives? How about a media streaming box connected to your network? Windows often seems to need to check every network connection before saving and if that involves booting up your media service then that it’s what it will do.

It sounds like a Windows or network issue rather than LO

I follow your logic. But this only happens with LO Calc files. By your logic it would happen whenever anything is saved. That said, do you think I could test your theory by taking my machine off the network temporarily and see if the save behavior changes?

Still on the network theme, it could be the printer if an option is ticked. In Calc try going to Tools > Options > Load/Save > General and unchecking Load printer settings with document. It might be that Calc is having to wake the printer. Also, in Tools > Options > LibreOffice Calc > General the box Use printer metrics for text formatting might affect save time.