Calc sort is broken in 5.1.0

The sort was broken a few versions ago and was subsequently fixed.


What is broken?

Maybe the option

Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice calc/General - Update references when sorting range of cells.

Please see my new thread “Sorting a range that is referenced elsewhere”. But thanks for the tip about the update references setting…

I have tested before comment, and works for me. If you like, share a sample file where to verify the issue.

In 4.2.8 I can’t find that option (Update references when sorting range of cells) yet, so maybe it will help if I upgrade; thank you!

I think it is there since 4.4.

Why is this not enabled by default??

I managed to break sort in 4.2.8 using the following clever procedure:

a) First, I wanted to enter some 2015 dates when it is 2016 now. (See Calc - Data Entry - default year for date?)

b) I entered them in column A, used a formula to compute the 2015 dates in column B, and hid column A

c) Then I selected the whole range and sorted by the results of the formula, but I think column A was not included

d) I think Calc obediently moved the rows around according to the date value, but then recomputed the formula values, so it looked like the other columns were sorted, but not the computed date in column B, so it looked like sort was broken.

This means I have to type it over again, since I didn’t figure it out til the next morning and I had already closed the spreadsheet so I could not do control-Z. (I could try to reconstruct the inverse operations)

The Calc question in here is whether it would work if I had included column A. I couldn’t sort by column A. Would I have to change any setting about what the references will do when columns are sorted? It should be simple since it’s the same formula on every row.